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Surfman Accelerates Your Path to Mobile Devices e-Marketing - 7 Oct, 2011
Surfman announced great features on its email campaign tools in tandem with the increasing trend of mobile devices email viewers. Now e-marketers can reach the mobile phone users with their message presented in a clear and well-adjusted layout, saving the hassle from dragging and tapping the screen to zoom in and out; and be able to track their email open rate - Surfman is one of the first e-marketing solutions providers to pioneer the mobile tracking technique!
The new features on our proprietary platform allow you to:
  • Cater to the display size of email campaign on mobile phones
  • Summarise all data into one report for easy reference
  • Connect with your customer over emails and telephones
  • Track the email open rate
Surfman is one of the first e-marketing solutions providers on the market to be able to track down the email open rate on mobile devices. We have learnt from our campaign done for a leading fashion brand - over 40% of their clientele are browsing emails via mobile phones with peak hours at 1200-1400 and 1800- 1900.
These numbers are important - they create a compelling up-thrust for Surfman to come up with the new feature and provide insights to your business as to locate your target customers and concentrate your efforts and resources.
Surfman realizes the e-Marketing trend is spanning across both electronic means (email) and telecommunications (phones) - which has unveiled more business opportunities such as to link up the two by customizing your email campaign so that viewers can dial with just one simple click on the icon to speak to you direct, rather than having to reply to the email which significantly procrastinates and thus reduces the business realization possibility.
It's our business to deliver yours - if you are looking to capture the mobile users, now we've got you covered. If you want to stay ahead of the game, Surfman is ready to take you to the next level of e-Marketing experience. Speak to us now at +852 2877 2080.
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