Convoy Financial Group has been using Surfman to help branding and market to our customers. The ease of handing current and adding new subscribers is the ...
Product    Email Marketing
Surfman helps you design email newsletters, share them on social networking sites, integrate them with services you already use, and track the results.
Surfman provides an email sending system that allows you to prepare your email campaign template, upload and segment your list, preview your campaigns in various browsers and then send them out. After sending you can check your campaign performance, read client trends over time and see the results of other social networking websites in just a few clicks.
 Surfman is the best way to send email newsletters
It's easy to use. A few clicks will start your email marketing campaign
It's self-developed, easy to integrate with any platform, and extends flexibility with API.
It makes integration with social media network like Facebook, Twitter, QQ, and Renren simple. Get an easy report by checking your "social state".
Provides a tailor-made campaign for mobile versions. It can track your campaign performance for mobile devices, providing a better understanding of your customers' behaviour on handheld devices.
List management and segmentation allow you to segmentise your customers and prepare more focused and relevant marketing messages with dynamic content features.
Provides expert bounce handling. We use customised logic in categorising bounce messages and have dynamic handling rules to allow you to handle your list in a more precise way, optimising your campaign performance.
A proprietary-sending server controls the delivery rate and customised sending behaviour for different domains.
It's specialised for Asia, providing easy integration with QQ and Renren and customised sending for Chinese domains.
We track mobiles, and can create customised results for handheld devices as well.
We focus on deliverability. Extended bounce handling modules and a proprietary sending server enhances your chance of getting into inboxes and working a long-term marketing campaign. Instead of blasting messages into inboxes the first time and getting blocked for the rest of your campaign, Surfman looks for long-term business.
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