I have found Surfman to provide a very reliable and efficient service, I am happy to recommend their services.
Social Network Sharing now available on Surfman - 16 Feb, 2012
Surfman gives eMarketers access to the largest selection of the social network, all in one click
Vertical integration - your readers becoming your crew
Surfman has developed a simple way for eMarketers to connect their messages to the social network - your email campaign is not only reaching to your target customers, but also their peers and friends - with the ability to 'share' and 'like'. Readers can easily 'share' your message via multiple social network platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Weibo and Sina; all in only one click
How it works
Surfman has taken one step further in integrating SNS to the email campaigns. From most of the email campaigns that you see is a line saying "find us at facebook / follow us on Twitter" - which we saw it's not YET the best use of SNS. Users cannot share/ like your campaign right away but have to first land on the social networking site - this is due to the technical compatibility with Java / Javascript. However, Surfman has made a breakthrough to this challenge using its proprietary technique - now marketers can add "Share/ Like/ Retweet" icon directly into the email campaign. In addition to facebook/ twitter / weibo, Surfman has also included some prevalent social networking sites in China such as QQ, Soho or Sina - making your exposure to the Greater China market in just one click away...
Monitoring and Tracking
The journey does not stop there - Surfman also enables you to track down the 'share'/ 'like' rate. Surfman acts as your single point of contact: we get you to all SNS in one click on one page, and reports back to you on one page. Rather than having to check on every single SNS platform, we track the rate and summarize in one clean report which you can pass it on to your management right away.
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